What is ArtUP Co-op?

Launched in March 2022, ArtUP Co-op is experimenting with a model that connects travelers to local artists through the vacation rentals they temporarily call home. By creating spaces to "live with the art," we hope to deepen the travel experience, connect communities, and support local artist economies. We are currently experimenting in Austin, TX but, once refined, envision the model working anywhere in the world that there are artists, vacation homes, and travelers who crave beauty and meaning in their daily lives.

If you are staying in one of our homes with art, please consider purchasing a piece of art and sharing your ideas for how to make this concept bigger and better on the "Get in Touch" page.

Artists = Ways of Seeing

With their craft, artists share a brief glimpse into how they see the world. Their perspectives are informed by their local cutlure, natural surrounding, and life experiences. You can learn more about each local artist, contact them, and explore their world here.

Explore by Artist

Your location = Unique collection

Each vacation home holds a collection of artwork. Sometimes the collection is thematically aligned by one artist and sometimes it combines the perspectives of several artists. You can explore the collection of artwork in your location here.

Explore Art by Location