The Process of Matching With a Host

Here is a general breakdown of the process:

Step 1: Fill out the artist intake form linked above. 

Step 2: After you’ve given us more logistical information, you will be added to our directory of artists and given access to communicate with our directory of hosts. Then you will decide which homes are a good match for your artwork. When you are interested in a home, you will like the host's profile. If the host reciprocates interest in your art, you will be notified and connected with the host.

Step 3: Once a relationship is established, you and the host you matched with will determine what artwork(s) will be hung in the home. You both will coordinate to meet at their Airbnb with your art. From here, you will brainstorm together on where and how your art will be installed. You can treat this initial visit like a first date. If there is good chemistry, proceed to schedule the installation. If not, it’s no biggie. Ultimately, you are in charge of coordinating with the host once you are matched, but we are available to help with this process if needed. 

Step 4: In terms of installation, talk to the host. They may feel more comfortable putting nails in their own walls or they may prefer you do it. We are also available to help with this process if necessary.

Step 5: On installation day, either you or the host will take photos of your artwork in the space. The host will then update their rental listing to highlight their home's charming new addition.

Step 6:  We will send you an invitation to set up a “shop” in our marketplace. Each piece you display will need to be added to the shop.  This is how guests will find your work via QR code and buy it.  (You can add other work to the shop, too, if desired.)

Step 7: Once the art is up, there will be a tabletop sign at the home with your bio, and a QR code (linked to your art in the store) will be hung next to your work. Your art will remain in the home for at least 90 days or until it is bought. If it is purchased, the guest can either take the art straight from the home or it can be mailed to them (a processes you will need to complete).

If you sell prints of your work, the guest will also be able to purchase this from the online store.

Step 8: Along the way, we might ask for your feedback about how it is going.  This could come in the form of a quick phone call or quick survey.

Step 9:  At the end of the process, or if either you or the host needs to discontinue, you will take down the work.  Depending on how the art was hung and the next steps, the host may need to be prepared to spackle and touch up with color-matched paint.

A Few Notes Based on FAQs

During this whole process, you can always reach to us out for more support.

If we move forward with a fleshed-out business model, we will provide an insurance plan against damages to art. We aren't there yet.

At these stage we are not asking for a commission, we are asking for your feedback. Based on learnings from this experiment we will determine a fair profit-sharing system as we expand the model. As you decide the price for your work during the trial, you might want to bake in the mark-up that you would typically share with a gallery that was charging a commission. Pricing decisions are totally yours to make.

At this point, we are only working with 2-D art that can go on walls, but that will probably change over time. Stylistically, all are welcome to apply.

Currently, matches are based on mutually declared interest between a host and an artist, so there is no assurance that every home or every artist will find a good fit. Eventually, the showcase hosts will be the one that decides the style of art they want in their homes through the matching app we will build (Think dating app for hosts and artists). Hosts or artists are able to collaborate with as many matches as they please.

When you join our cohort, you will set up a multi-vendor Shopify marketplace. There, artists can assign work to “collections” based on the home they are matched with.  That way the guest can search by their location or by the artists. You can add other artwork, if you like.  You will need a PayPal acocunt to receive payment.