The Process of Matching With an Artist

Here is a general breakdown of the process:

Step 1: Fill out the host intake form linked above. 

Step 2: After you’ve given us this logistical information, you will be added to our directory of hosts and given access to communicate with our directory of artists. Then you will decide which artworks are a good match for your home. When you are interested in an artwork, you will like the artist's profile. If the artist reciprocates interest in your home, you will be notified and connected with the artist.

Step 3: Once a relationship is established, you and the artist you matched with will determine what artwork(s) will be hung in your home. You both will coordinate to meet at your Airbnb with their art. From here, you will brainstorm together on where and how their art will be installed. You can treat this initial visit like a first date. If there is good chemistry, proceed to schedule the installation. If not, it’s no biggie. Ultimately, you are in charge of coordinating with the artist once you are matched, but we are available to help with this process if needed. 

Step 4: In terms of installation, you may feel more comfortable putting nails in your own walls or you may prefer for the artist do it. We are also available to help with this process if necessary.

Step 5: On installation day, either you or the artist will take photos of your artwork in the space. You will then update your rental listing to highlight your home's charming new addition.

Step 6: We will provide a tabletop sign that has a short bio of the artist and a QR code to the online store. The QR code will be hung next to the artwork, but you will decide on a good place for the tabletop sign to go, where it will get seen, but is not too “shop-like.”

Step 7: Wait at least 90 days.

Step 8: If a traveler decides to buy an artist's work off of your walls, you will need to coordinate access to the space so that the the artist can take the work down and prepare it for shipping. When one piece comes down, they might put another one in its place.

Step 8: Along the way, we might ask for your feedback about how it is going. This could come in the form of a quick phone call or a quick survey. 

Step 9: At the end of the experiment, or if either you or the artist needs to discontinue, the artist will take down the work. Depending on how the art was hung and the next steps, the host may need to be prepared to spackle and touch up with color-matched paint.

A Few Notes Based on FAQs

During this whole process, you can always reach to us out for more support.

While the experiment is still in its beginning stages, you will not have to pay for this service. That will only change if we collect solid evidence showing that it is necessary to charge you for an installation fee or a “rental” fee to keep the art. We are hoping to make it as easy on hosts as possible.

At this point, we are only working with 2-D art that can go on walls, but that could change over time. Stylistically, all are welcome to apply. Currently, matches are based on mutually declared interest between a host and an artist, so there is no assurance that every home or every artist will find a good fit. Eventually, the showcase hosts will be the one that decides the style of art they want in their homes through the matching app we will build (Think dating app for hosts and artists). Hosts or artists are able to collaborate with as many matches as they please.