Potential Artists

Hello Artist! Ready to collaborate with Airbnb hosts to showcase and sell your work? We think we can make that happen, but first we’ll need to know more about you and your artwork. Go ahead and fill out our form below:

More About the Process

Here is a general breakdown of the process:

Step 1: Create an artist service profile on https://HostHelpr.com

Step 2: When a host contacts you, they will send a little bit of information about their property. If you think it is a good fit, let them know.

Step 3: We suggest your first visit with the host is exploratory. Meet the host at their Airbnb with some of your your art, where you can brainstorm about where and how to put it up. You should also talk about intallation. They may feel more comfortable putting nails in their own walls or they may prefer you do it. You can treat this initial visit like a first date. If there is good chemistry, proceed to schedule the installation.

Step 5: On installation day, bring your art, any hardware needed for installation, as well as the artist bio print out, placards and QR code.

Step 6: Before you leave, take some photos of your artwork in the space, and the host will update their rental listing to highlight the charming new addition. 

Step 6:  We will send you an invitation to set up a “shop” in our marketplace.  Each piece you display will need to be added to the shop.  This is how guests will find your work and buy it.  (You can add other work to the shop, too, if desired.)

Step 7: Ok, the art is up. There is a tabletop sign at the home with your bio and a link/QR code to the store. Will people buy your art? Depending on your preferences the guest can either take the art with them, you can mail it to them, or they can order a print.

A few notes based on frequently asked questions:

We are not currnelty providing an insurance plan against damages to art or property, but this is covered by most property insrance and Airbnb. We aren't there yet, but we will add our own policy.

At these stage we are not asking for a commission, we are asking for your feedback. Based on this learnings we will determine a fair profit-sharing system as we expand the model. As you decide the price for your work during the trial, you might want to bake in the mark-up that you would typically share with a gallery that was charging a commission. Pricing decisions are totally yours to make.