Potential Hosts

Hello Airbnb Host! Ready to collaborate with artists and elevate the authenticity of your vacation rental?

More About the Process

Here is a general breakdown of the process:

Step 1: Go to HostHelpr.com and search for artist. You can enter your property's address in the search to ensure you only see artists who will come to install art at your listing.

Step 2: If you’re interested in collaborating with one (or more) of them, message them.

Step 3: You can then coordinate with the artist to meet them with their art at your place, where you can brainstorm about where and how to put it up. You can treat this initial visit like a first date. If there is good chemistry, proceed to schedule the installation.

Step 4: On installation day, either you or the artist will take some photos of the artwork in the space, and you will update your rental listing to highlight the charming new addition. 

Step 5: We will provide a tabletop sign that has a short bio of the artist and a QR code to the online store. You will decide on a good place for it to go, where it will get seen, but is not too “shop-like.”

Step 6: If the artist is selling originals and a traveler buys art, you will need to coordinate access to the space with the artist. When one piece comes down, they might put another one in its place.