ArtUP Co-op connects local visual artists with local short term rental hosts; providing artists with a new environment to showcase their work, hosts with a financially accessible way to style their home, and guests guests with a taste of the city’s art scene that they are visiting. Ideally, we hope the project benefits artists, hosts, and guests alike.

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  • Local Visual Artists

    Artists flourish when their artwork is showcased to a fresh and diverse audience, when it is able to be viewed for an extended period of time, and when it is purchased.

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  • Vacation Home Hosts

    Hosts flourish when their listings are authentic and eye-catching, but it can take a lot of time and money to achieve this. Getting art on the walls needs to be easy and affordable.

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  • Guests on Vacation

    Traveling guests flourish when their experiences are unique and memorable. The opportunity to learn about a local artist and live with their work for a few days can help the

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